Diesel engines

D 818 British Rail (European Era III)


Fleischmann 4272


DC analogue

Electric engines

81 003 British Rail (European Era III)


Atlas Limited


Unpowered display model, currently being converted with drive system.

D 6524 British Rail (European Era III)


Lima L208049


DC analogue

Prototype images used with permission from Ian Buck.

MOW vehicles

DX 73208 British Rail (European Era IV)


Bachmann 36-165A


DC analogue


Despite being labeled as 00 Scale/1:76, this model is actually H0 Scale/1:87 as it's based on the European model by Liliput.


S 5751 S & S 4279 S British Rail (European Era III)


Fleischmann 5146 & 5148


DC analogue