Diesel engines

Eurotunnel 0005 Getlink (European Era V/VI)



Relabeled from Liliput L112408


These locomotives are used by Getlink, the Eurotunnel operator company, as rail service and rescue locomotives in the tunnel and on the entire High Speed 1 to London.

Electric engines

22402TU SNCF (Epoche IV/V)


Märklin 83320


This locomotive was used (among others) during the construction of the Eurotunnel and drove as far as the "Dollands Moor" marshalling yard in Kent, which is why it was equipped with yellow locomotive fronts according to British regulations.

Multiple Units

Eurostar 3211/3212 Eurostar International (European Era V)


Hornby R.543


This EMU in French ownership is part of the Eurostar fleet connecting London with France.

These models may not be based in Great Britain, but because of their purpose they can be reasonably used on a layout set in Great Britain, mostly along the High Speed 1, the high-speed route between London and the channel tunnel in Folkstone, Kent.